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Businesses waste a great deal of time and money allowing staff to spend hours planning business travel.

Is your company trying to save money and time when planning business travel?  Our Travel and Expense Management System will reduce travel spending by 20%+ and cut the time to procure travel and process expenses by 70%.  Unlike the major "Mega Travel Agencies" you are a "big" customer to us.  Personalized service that exceeds expectations is our goal.  Plus, our travel management fees are competitive.  Our 40 years of experience as a business travel agency and our dedicated team have the destination knowledge that allows us to make the travel experience more convenient for business travelers.

Playbill Travel’s Travel and Expense Management System will reduce travel spending by 20%+ and cut the time to procure travel and process expenses by 70%.

The Playbill Travel Management System will:

  • Create an online travel booking and expense management system for your employees that is backed by our dedicated support team to handle complex itineraries, special requests, and travel emergencies

  • Reduce travel costs by accessing negotiated rates, enforcing your company’s travel policies, and tracking unused tickets

  • Save time for your employees by enabling web and mobile expense entry receipt capture, credit card transaction import, and mileage tracking

  • Save time for your finance department by automating employee reimbursements and credit card reconciliation and integrating with your ERP system

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