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International Travel Information

Playbill Travel has provided links to valuable resources for our customers traveling internationally. Here you will find information on procedures to obtain a Passport and Visas along with valuable information from the CDC. If you have any questions please give us a call at:
office: 518-374-3176, fax: 518-374-8766 and toll free: 800-653-0231!

Information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Health information for specific destinations
Travel Medicine Clinics
Vaccinations Yellow Book
Diseases Mosquito & Tick Protection
Safe Food and Water Frequently Asked Questions about Travelers' Health
Includes journals and articles related to travel health
Includes domestic and international partners
Traveling with Children
Includes health advice for international adoptees and their adobtive parents
Travel by Airplanes and Cruise Ships
Includes inspection scores ("green sheets") for specific cruise ships by CDC's Vessel Sanitation Program (VSP)
Special Needs Travelers
Informaiton for travelers with special needs such as those with disabilities, HIV, pregnancy and breast-feeding
Traveling with Pets
On DGMQ site; includes animal embargoes

U.S. Department of State Passport Information:

For more information on Passprot Services for American citizens please visit the U.S. Department of State Passport Services Office.