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Family Travel

Family Travel - Make your Family Vacation a Truly Extended Family Affair

Getting everyone together for family travel – coordinating schedules, accommodating any physical limitations anyone in your group may have, not to mention crafting a family vacation that everyone will enjoy – can be a challenge. After all, what if you love to cruise, but your teens think that’s too old school. Or you love to hike and bicycle but what will your 80-year-old grandmother do while you’re out hitting the trails?

Empress Travel can help. We have the knowledge and the experience to put together a vacation package that will appeal to everyone in your party. Just let us know what kind of vacation you’re thinking of and what members of your group can or cannot – or won’t – do and we’ll take it from there.

Or, if everyone has different ideas as to what makes a great holiday and you can’t decide, let us know of the different desires, likes and dislikes of your traveling companions and we’ll put together a trip that everyone will enjoy.


Truly, there’s little better than a family vacation traveling with….family! Mom, Dad, and all the kids. And let’s not forget Grandma and Grandpa. And what about aunts and uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews? And maybe even some close friends thrown in for a wonderful mix.

They say that the things that makes us happiest are not things. Once we have adequate clothing, shelter, food and the means to pay for these things, our happiness scale doesn’t rise with the latest iPod, flat-screen TV or hybrid automobile acquisition.

But what does make us happy is the love of family and friends. What’s more, the best memories we tend to have are not of the moments we purchased things (see above). No, our fondest memories, say those who know of these things, are of experiences with those we love.

So couple a great vacation experience taken with those you love most and what do you have? Vacation bliss and many, many wonderful memories that truly will last a lifetime.

Is your family the adventurous type? Check out Tauck Bridges family adventure travel or Adventures by Disney. Check out Canada. Travel to “Cowboy Country.” Head to Rome or France. Explore the California seashore and gorgeous redwood forests. And do it in comfort and style.

Is traveling the high seas more your family’s style? We have dozens of cruises that will take your group to North and South America, Europe and more. You name, we’ll find the cruise perfect for everyone in your party.

Worried about breaking the bank? Let us know your budget parameters and we’ll work within it.

Our point? You don’t have to coordinate and schedule and book family travel on your own. After all, putting together the schedules and desires of several family members can be a challenge. Let us take over that headache – you’re going on vacation after all!

Travel the World with Your Family

Benefit from our first-hand experience and insider connections to take your family on a vacation of a lifetime. Empress Travel & Cruises has setup an exclusive Family Vacations micro-website dedicated to providing you with information, experiences and amazing values.

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