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Luxury Travel Agents

Experience Luxury TravelWe are a Luxury Travel Agent - For Those of you with Discriminating Tastes

Empress Travel & Cruises' travel consultants are ready to work with you. You have the desire to experience the best while traveling, let us design a luxurious travel experience for you!

Empress Travel is a luxury travel agent specializing in creating and delivering luxury vacations that surprise and delight discerning travelers like you. We believe with travel you usually get what you pay for, and while there's no reason to pay more than necessary, we understand the difference between "ordinary" and "extraordinary" is often just a little. This is what we aspire to deliver, and we invite you to savor the luxury travel difference.

Our luxury travel consultants are experienced in planning, suggesting and delivering "wow" experiences including luxury cruises, securing a luxury vacation home or villa, planning luxury family vacations, arranging personalized experiences at select world destinationswin, or entirely customized travel adventures arranged to fit your every need.

Participate in a food-offering ceremony with Buddhist monks in Bangkok.


Explore the citadel of Machu Picchu in the company of its resident archaeologist.

End a perfect day on safari with a five-course banquet under the stars.

We call these " moments" the inspiring occasions that Empress Travel will help provide you.

Our extraordinary destination knowledge which will enrich your travel experience while at the same time saving you a tremendous amount of time. Let our Luxury Travel Agents help you eliminate the hassles, solve your travel problems and experience the best.

Join a small group on a pre-designed itinerary, or let one of our specialists create one for you. All journeys feature around-the-clock support, as well as experiences that connect you to the people and cultures of your destination.

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